Problems with potency in men are quite common, including the young. The causes of erectile dysfunction are numerous, and the good news is that in more than 90% of cases it can be fully restored. The main thing is to consult a doctor in time. Erectile dysfunction is not a sentence. You will be able to cope with this with the help of special preparations that are sold on our website with the help of our suppliers in Australia. We will help you!

What is erectile dysfunction?

Years ago erectile dysfunction was known as impotence. Today, this term is rarely used, is considered obsolete and has a condemnable undercurrent. It is necessary to distinguish the concept of “impotence” and “erectile dysfunction.” Erectile dysfunction in men is a sexual disorder, during which the density and volume of the penis are reduced to such an extent that this makes it impossible to perform sexual intercourse. With the breakdown of this function, the male sexual organ is not tense enough to begin or end intimacy with a partner. Impotence is an extreme degree of the disease, almost incurable.
Erectile dysfunction is a fairly common problem today. We speak about erectile dysfunction only when a quarter of the sexual acts have not taken place, in other cases the diagnosis is likely to be different. Such a violation does not necessarily imply an inadequate tension of the penis, a man can have a strong erection, which disappears during an intimate act. Of course, patients are usually embarrassed to go to a doctor, they don’t tell anyone about their problem, especially if they are afraid of being condemned by women.

How often erectile dysfunction occurs

For some men these problems are not clearly expressed and do not arise often, and for some are pronounced and often arise. Erectile dysfunction by age: every tenth man, aged 18 to 40 years old, experiences erectile dysfunction. Every second man aged 40 to 70 years old experiences erectile dysfunction. This is a statistic from doctors. At the same time a lot of drugs and medicines for the treatment of erectile dysfunction in Australia are bought without a prescription or to see a doctor. You can buy them and order from us on the site. There are two main types of erectile dysfunction:

  1. primary is erection, sufficient for sexual intercourse, never occurred;
  2. secondary is earlier, the patient had a normal erection, but now in 25% of cases or more often the erection is insufficient for sexual intercourse.

In some localities the prevalence of this disease is somewhat wider compared to other industrialized countries because it also depends on the level of injury, alcoholism, and tobacco smoking. An important factor in the development of erectile dysfunction, are also stress, which leads to depression, depressed mood, decreased sexual desire.

Treatment of erectile dysfunction

In more than 90% of cases, a man with erectile dysfunction can be helped to restore a full erection. Here the main thing is to consult a doctor and start treatment. The elimination of this pathology is conservative and surgical. Conservative treatment of erectile dysfunction is reduced to the appointment of the following therapeutic measures:

  1. Lifestyle change. If there are bad habits, obesity or physical inactivity, the doctor will definitely advise the man to lead a healthy lifestyle. Often this is the key condition for the restoration of normal potency. It is necessary to refuse smoking, the excessive use of alcohol and harmful food. Mandatory exercise, which will help eliminate congestion in the pelvic organs, thereby improving the blood supply to the penis.
  2. Hormone therapy. If erectile dysfunction is caused by hormonal disorders, then phosphodiesterase inhibitors will not help. Hormone replacement therapy is needed to restore normal hormonal levels. Currently, there are quite convenient forms of testosterone, for example, in the form of a gel, with which you can adjust the level of male sex hormones in the blood. Such preparations are prescribed only by a doctor, determining the dosage for each patient individually.
  3. Medicine treatment.

When you find the first symptoms, you should seek help from a specialist, often the symptoms of erectile dysfunction are also markers of other diseases. Our site contains some of the best products in Australia that can fight erectile dysfunction. Choose the one that suits you best.