What is Kamagra?

It is possible to fight erectile dysfunction, as there are special preparations, among which the most highly effective is Kamagra. This drug is a so-called “derivative” of the world famous means for the potency of Viagra. But despite the similarity of drugs Kamagra is still more in demand and popular, both among doctors prescribing this drug, and among men taking it.

  1. First, Kamagra affects the potency of men with the same substance as Viagra – sildenafil. In this case, the composition of Kamagra includes other substances that contribute to mitigating the effects of the drug.
  2. Secondly, Kamagra is affordable. This drug is a drug and affects the man through the “acceleration” of blood. They enhance the blood flow of the reproductive system, with the result that the man’s erection becomes stronger, stronger and very long. Sexual intercourse under the influence of the drug can last three times more. Take the drug should be an hour before sexual intercourse, although the result of the action of the funds already becomes noticeable after 15 minutes.

It is also important that the drug does not cause excitement and attraction. An erection can only be achieved as a result of natural stimulation. So you do not harm your health.

How Long Does Kamagra Last?

Now, regarding how long the drug Kamagra has been working. The maximum time to save the effect of Kamagra is 5 hours. There are means that operate even longer, for example, Cialis – 36 hours. But a lot does not always mean good. Many people are inconvenienced by the long-lasting effect of Cialis, so they are looking for a “weaker”, if you can say so, sex drug. A day is not recommended to take more than 1 tablet, that is, 100 mg. In principle, this is a standard recommendation for all drugs containing sildenafil. The minimum dose is 25 mg, at which you will feel some effect, lower dosages will most likely have no effect. The optimal dosage specified in the instructions is 50 mg. The next dose is allowed not earlier than 24 hours, otherwise overdose is possible, which can be dangerous for your health.